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10 Jan 2015
Tag: Munich

Movie of the Dampfbuchbinderei

Click on the collage to start the movie.

I can stand here for hours looking at the Dampfbuchbinderei from 1880 in the Deutsches Museum in Munich.
It is made so beautiful with so many little details!
Every time I see new things ♡
Pressing small booklet in the press, sewing the book blocks, the trimming of the book blocks (there are even leftover cuttings on the ground!), making the covers…

5 Jan 2015
Tag: Munich

Deutsches Museum I

Blog new style, with large pictures in the text.
And it's about my favorite museum, the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Every time I'm in Munich, I try to go there.
Our little lady loved it! You will find the largest objects here, rooms full of airplanes, boats, rockets and a very nice section about book binding & printing plus a section about papermaking. It really makes my heart beat faster. And for the first time I saw my favorite sections in daylight, during earlier visits the departments were darkened. That gave me the opportunity to take some pictures. It's strange to see these devices, that I use in my daily work, standing in a museum. Deutsches Museum 1 I percieve this picture as so special and impressively large. I would love to take a look at this bindery. The dusty dimmed lights, the letter cabinets so close together. Mustaches were definitely in and it must have been so unhealthy with all that lead!
I also have a letter cabinet and wash my hands right after I have printed with my leaden letter corpses. The layout of my cabinet is different than in the picture below. I would therefore be confused if I had to cleanup. Deutsches Museum 1 Deutsches Museum 1 My new addition in the studio is a press. Especially nice to see it here at the museum. Using additional levers you can apply even higher pressure. Convenient to flatten magazines or booklets before you bind them, but also the base of a box stays in here for one night. Deutsches Museum 1 My large guillotine scissors in the museum. Indestructible German quality! You can read the size of what you are cutting in 2 different ways. I will write a blog about it sometime. Deutsches Museum 1 On this machine, I had to learn to sew for bookbinding exam.
You slide magazines on the saddle and then automatically holes are pinched in the spine of the booklet.
A feared part of the examination and I have shed many tears at this machine. I almost decided not to get my degree because of this machine. You will not be surprised to not see it in my studio.
Although practice makes perfect;-) Deutsches Museum 1 My little lady walked around with Sander through the museum while I walked through my sections in my own pace. And this time I got a private tour by the manager of the bookbinding department. So fun!
Next weekend I will post a video of the bindery they have recreated in miniature!

12 Jun 2013
Tag: Munich


This will be my last blog about this trip to Munich and it will be one with a big confession.
In my workspace I have an antique cabinet for paper and somewhere in the middle is a drawer filled with my greatest treasures. Yes yes I am addicted to beautiful paper! The key is of course for opening this treasure box ;-)

When I travel I always have my paper tube with me and whether I'm in San Francisco, Paris, London or Munich ... I'll always find a special paper store as I have a nose for finding them!
I happened to come across this paper store in Munich a few years ago while on the way to a flea market. This year I cycled there across town with my paper tube on my back to visit this great fun store. Great to be there on my own, no time pressure.
In my collection I have several sheets of handmade paper from India and this time they had wonderful sheets with flowers. This makes my bookbinder heart beat so much faster! They form a beautiful combination with the vintage linen.

The paper in the right bottom of the picture is a collection of the past 5 years and in addition I also have a purple series, a blue series and several others. So, if you are ever in need of some special paper for your product, do not hesitate to ask me.

26 May 2013
Tag: Munich

Sunday morning

If only I were back in Munich this morning!
Then I would visit the Brandhorst Museum. Right after breakfast
off to the Roses of Twombley. Then just sit down on a bench in
the immense hall and quietly enjoy all those beautiful colors.
A habit I grew into whenever I'm in Munich on a Sunday. Can you imagine visiting every museum for 1 euro each every Sunday?

When Guusje was six months old she was pictured in front of one the roses. This time we took her to the museum again and hoped
to reenact the setting for another set of nice pictures.
What a bummer … new rules enforced this year prohibit taking pictures anymore.
However, there is this very sweet somewhat older attendant, for whom alone you would want to go back for to this museum!
He recognized the little princes and we were secretly allowed take
a few pictures in his smaller hall. So within a few seconds we had
to take some lucky shots, fortunately our model looked right into
the camera. The pictures are not quite sharp, because of the time pressure (seconds) and suboptimal light. But still they make a nice set.

So, if you are ever in Munich on a Sunday, make sure you go to the Roses! And say hello to our lovely attendant.

19 May 2013
Tag: Munich

Felt heaven

When presenting photo albums, I like to use beautiful felt from Munich. So whenever I'm in Munich I always vist Johanna Daimer's felt shop, near Marienplatz. The shop is so small that only a few people can be inside at the same time. It even happened to me in December that I had to wait in line outside the shop. The shop really is not wider than on my picture.

But when you're finally inside, you will see so many beautiful colors. And felt in different thicknesses, up to a few cm thick! This time I bought felt for a sand colored album and a grey album. I was also allowed to take a few photo's.

If you look close to the upper left picture, you can see me taking it and you might also be able to see little Guusje on the back of Sander's bike ;-)

12 May 2013
Tag: Munich

Mother's Day

Last night we came home after a few days in Munich.
A very good friend of ours lives in the heart of the city and we were allowed to stay here again ♥ Not bad at all!
And especially when you also have your own bike with you.

I already had Mother's Day breakfast last week, on a corner of Jahnstraße ;-) I often come to Munich and think it's a wonderful city. I have a fantastic fun “things to do list in Munich” and will certainly write a few blog messages about my favorite museum, a tiny tiny felt shop and a paper shop.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!