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30 Aug 2016
Tag: Craftmanship

Hoogenboom & Bogers

Een hanger speciaal voor mij gemaakt door Hoogenboom & Bogers.
Wat een eer en het verhaal er achter vind ik prachtig ♡ H&B 1 Foto's gemaakt door Yvette Moeskops

Ik werk met mijn handen en betrap me er steeds vaker op dat ik dan alles af doe, ja zelfs mijn trouwring ;-)
Er lagen dus een aantal oude sieraden in een laatje en sinds ik edelsmeden Sanne & Heleen ken ben ik dus echt verliefd op hun werk. Dus vroeg ik of ze mijn gouden ring met diamantje konden omtoveren tot hanger, want kettingen draag ik heel graag.
Ik mocht zelf een edelsteen uitzoeken in hun atelier en van het resultaat kon ik alleen maar dromen.
De steen die ik heb gekozen is een turquoise Chalcedoon. H&B 2 En nu ligt er nog iets bijzonders te wachten.

De gouden ring met rood robijntje is van mijn overgrootmoeder uit Parijs. Zij heeft mij als baby nog vast gehouden. De ring is heel dun geworden door het dragen en we hebben besloten om deze te bewaren voor ons kleine dametje.
Het is een andere kleur goud en de ring heeft voor ons én vooral voor mijn moeder een speciale betekenis.

Ons dametje is net gestart in groep 3, maar als ze haar middelbare school met succes afrond krijgt ze deze ring cadeau. En dan uiteraard verwerkt in een hanger gemaakt door Hoogenboom & Bogers met naast het robijntje een extra edelsteen. En die steen mag ze tegen die tijd zelf bij Sanne & Heleen uitzoeken.

Tot die tijd ligt hij veilig in een handgemaakt ringendoosje te wachten. Mocht je ook iets bijzonders in een laatje hebben liggen? Wellicht brengt mijn verhaal je op een idee. Sanne & Heleen maken de meest prachtige sieraden waaronder ook fairtrade trouwringen en de dozen met edelstenen zijn om te smullen zo mooi!

En mijn trouwring? Die koester ik en draag ik uiteraard als ik niet aan het werk ben ♡

21 Jun 2016
Tag: Craftmanship

Craftmanship x 5

Does it sound familiar, you're so attuned to some people you only need a single word to express yourself?
In this photoshoot the work of five artisans comes together,
all working in the Dutch wedding business, all outstanding in their field and with so much love for their profession and their final work.
Today I will show you part 1. Craftmanship x 5 (1) Wedding rings: Hoogenboom & Bogers
Wedding cards: Letterpers
Pictures: Yvette Moeskops
Ring box: 1000and1weddings

Yvette and I have been working together for several years and we have made this series of photographs.
If you are looking for a wedding photographer (with videographer) make sure you talk to her. She is a winner in terms of lighting, styling and great to work with! Her wedding photography is truly stunning. In the picture above you can see one of her wedding couples and of course she also made these pictures. Ambacht x 5 (2) The wedding rings are created by Sanne & Heleen van Hoogenboom & Bogers goldsmiths, a treat to visit their studio and see their work. They make everything themselves and also work with Fairtrade gold.
The wedding rings in the picture were subjected to hammered processing.
They can also be made with a gemstone, such as a diamond. And of course in a different size or width.
Magic, what they can do with gold!
For me, they have created something very special, but more about that later! Ambacht x 5 (3) I often ask couples to send me their wedding invitation, so I can picture it with my material proposal. It's so nice then to recognize the work of Tiny from Letterpers. Regularly I have a card from her hand on my table and then I can really enjoy it.
Tiny is the one who has revived the Letter Press Technology in the Netherlands. It is an ancient craft, which luckily is fully used again and only becomes more special with modern techniques.
Her designs are powerful, her choice of paper, her technique…it just is so right.
If you are near Amersfoort, take a look in her studio. There is so much to see, really beautiful! Ambacht x 5 (4) And the ring box…that's my work :-)
The ring box was set up by hand, lined with natural linen and the ribbon is from NY.
The bow ribbon is ingeniously integrated into the lid. In the box is a special ring pillow to keep the rings upright. And on the tag I can print your initials, your wedding date and / or a heart.
I do make everything by hand so I can get all the materials match your colors / wedding card / mood board of the wedding. Ambacht x 5 (5) Keep an eye on my blog as there is more to come!

29 Jun 2015
Tag: Craftmanship

Printing on paper

Recently I was invited to a very inspiring workshop on printing paper by printing office De Bink in Leiden, organized by Marco van der Krogt from The Bink and Trudie Brandse from Papyrus Group Netherlands. Great to hear such enthusiastic people talking about paper!
I've known Marco for quite some years now and we have spend a lot of hours chatting together / brainstorming about paper, books and everything around it. Marco has among others ensured that the magnetic plate from my advent calendar is covered with a large printed sticker.
His motto: “ No such thing as 'Can not'! There is always a suitable solution” in my opinion is so nice and he has helped me many times to achieve a task.
And the printing house itself, such a special place to walk around! There is so much to be seen at The Bink! Such huge machines are being operated there, the warehouse is impressive, but what is especially appealing to me is that although they can process very large orders it also is still really artisan. And that my heart goes out to!
The machines are very old and are being taken care of with great passion. This ensures that you can do very tight pressing and certainly with letter press cards this is an important factor. Drukken op papier 1 Drukken op papier 1b I did not take the second picture. At that particular morning the Heidelberg press was loaded up with bright orange ink for printing letter press cards. But there was so much to be seen this morning that I just completely forgot there to take a picture. Marco made it at a later time for me while there was white ink loaded because I wanted to show you the Heidelberg in action. Drukken op papier 2 And what an impressive foil press machine! I also have a foil press, but I limit myself to names, (wedding) dates, symbols, location, and sometimes a short line. My pragnantpers, which I can heat, is small compared to this wonderful old big machine. In this photo paper is printed with white foil. There is usually someone to keep an eye on what is happening. It only takes a small thing to go awry to crash the device. It's hard to see in the picture, but on top of the machine on the front-side is a lever that you can push aside should the device crash. I was allowed to try it too. That's a lot of weight! Drukken op papier 3 Drukken op papier 4 Ik heb hier in het atelier één zetbok staan, maar daar staan zoveel prachtige soortgelijke kasten met lades vol met stansmessen ♡
Ik zou de kasten wel allemaal willen adopteren :-) Drukken op papier 5 En in een hoekje stond ook nog een Mahez. Je zult misschien wel denken, waarom een foto van een apparaat met bezemstelen op de foto?
Ik moest even glimlachen en terugdenken aan het jaar 2010. Voor de opleiding handboekbinden moest ik praktijkexamen doen en één van de opdrachten was het maken en dus rillen van een archiefmap. Bij een machinale boekbinderij waar ik een deel van mijn examen heb afgelegd, staat in de kelder ook een soortgelijk apparaat en daar heb ik op geoefend (ppfff) en uiteindelijk mijn examenmap gemaakt. Drukken op papier 6 En ik heb hier ook een Mahez staan, in mijn geval een grote bordschaar. Rillen en perforeren kan ik ook, ik heb weliswaar niet zo'n groot apparaat, maar heb een antieke zeldzaam tafelmodel ril/perforeerapparaat geadopteerd.

17 Nov 2014
Tag: Craftmanship

Newbord photography

Newbord photography

In this collage you see work I made for Swedish photographer Agnieszka Tünissen. Agnieszka made the beautiful pictures in the above collage and I am allowed to show them to you. And that's something I really like!
The album Hummingbird 26x26 cm is covered with sand colored vintage linen. The inside cover is lined with soft pink paper and the name Alicia Naomi is printed with the Atlas Corps Letter 28 pt. using pink foil. Together with the album I made a concertina 6 (+4) photos 10x15 cm and a tag with the name is attached to the ribbon.
Last but not least, I made an extra tag to attach to the USB stick. Currently, a soft blue leather album with concertina and tag is drying at the moment for Agnieszka. Again, such a nice package to work on and I cannot wait to send it to Sweden.

Are you pregnant and planning to have you baby pictured?
Then please read the article photographer Gerjanne Immeker wrote about safety in newborn photography. There is a lot involved in photographing such small babies.

31 Oct 2014
Tag: Craftmanship

Taiwan Lantern

Taiwan Lantern

I would really like to take a look inside the factory where these beautiful lanterns are made. Lanterns I have fallen in love with ♡
The only thing is I would have to make a distant journey, although
I wouldn't mind that actually ;-)
These lanterns are made in Taiwan and sold here in the Netherlands by Peiching Hsiao. I admire her work and her passion to assure this beautiful craftwork is also available for us in the Netherlands. Do take a look at her website! Besides the new vintage collection, she also has a bright white moon collection and two-color collections.

In Taiwan, the lanterns are considered a source of light and happiness. Lanterns are used not only as a decoration.
People use them also for special occasions, for example when celebrating weddings. Many people believe that they can communicate with heaven by hanging lanterns.
The artisans make each lantern by hand in the traditional way
they have inherited from their ancestors. They believe in the beauty of tradition - that's why they keep using organic bamboo frames for the lanterns. They believe that only bamboo frames can give a lantern a heart and soul. To improve the traditional paper lanterns we switched to stronger materials with stylish patterns.

I do have a definitive favorite, the only thing I have to think about is the form. There are four forms available: the bucket, the mandarin, the oval and pumpkin. I cannot wait to have such a beautiful lamp hanging in our living room.

Photo credits:
Black/white photo's: Taiwan Lantern
Two photo's with lanterns taken by myself at the Woonbeurs