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19 Feb 2016
Tag: Day trips

Onderweg in Nederland

Wat hou ik van spontane bezoekjes aan bijzondere plekjes in Nederland!
Het kleine dametje was vandaag vrij en vanmorgen gingen we samen op pad om iets op te halen.
En toen stonden we ineens op de terugweg zomaar samen met een groep Japanners de molens van de Zaanse Schans te bewonderen (en te tellen) :-) Onderweg in Nederland Maar eigenlijk vonden we de Lagendijk veeeel leuker!
Wat een prachtige groene huizen, tuinen, schuurtjes, beeldentuin, museum… Onderweg in Nederland …en wat een stank in de straat! We kwamen er achter dat het van de cacoafabiek afkomstig is. Jeetje, wij vonden het best heel erg stinken.

En van het kleine Zaanseschanshuisje met boeken ging mijn boekbindershart harder kloppen.
Zo'n huisje met boeken zou toch in elk dorp & stad in NL niet misstaan ;-) Onderweg in Nederland Onderweg in Nederland We dronken nog iets lekkers en daarna gingen we terug naar Noordwijk waar een lekker windje stond met frisse zeelucht.

30 Jul 2015
Tag: Day trips

Dahlia heaven

Naast het werken aan geweldig leuke opdrachten gebeuren hier deze zomer ook nog andere leuke dingen!
Als je mij op instagram volgt kun je zien dat ik druk ben in het atelier, we de moestuin van het kleine dametje moesten beschermen tegen de zeldzame zomerstorm en dat we eergisteren een plukuitje hadden. Op instagram is het net even wat makkelijker om snel iets te plaatsen.

Wonen in Noordwijk, op het randje van de Bollenstreek is nieuw voor ons en maakt dat we hier enorm genieten. Er is op dit moment veel bedrijvigheid op de bollenvelden en het is bijzonder om de bollencyclus van zo dichtbij mee te maken!
Een uitje naar Annemieke's pluktuin stond op ons to-do lijstje.
Dus eergisteren reed ik samen met een vriendin en onze dametjes naar Hillegom. Dahlia Heaven 1 Dahlia Heaven 2 De twee kleine dametjes kregen bij Annemieke allebei een echte plukschaar en een emmertje. En al gauw hadden ze de smaak te pakken :-)
Ik maakte deze foto's bij windkracht 5, met een fototoestel in de ene hand en het emmertje of schaartje in de andere hand. En druk wijzend naar mijn kleine dametje dat ze vooral lange (!) stelen moest knippen. Dahlia Heaven 3 Wat een geweldig Dahlia-paradijs!
Ik heb nog nooit zoveel Dahlia's bij elkaar gezien en in de meest fantastische kleuren. Zoveel verschillende soorten, 1 kleur, 2 kleuren en er was zelfs een veld met reuze-dahlia's. Dahlia Heaven 4 Mijn dametje heeft de hoofdletter G ontdekt ;-)
Dus op dit moment wordt deze heel gewichtig extra vermeld bij haar naam. Dahlia Heaven 5 En op dit moment staan er hier overal in huis vaasjes met kleine boeketjes met dahlia's ♡
Annemieke heeft emmers in 3 verschillende maten. Wij kozen het kleinste emmertje van 6 euro per bos. Misschien gaan we volgende week nog wel een keer :-)

1 Nov 2014
Tag: Day trips

Warmest November 1 ever

Warmest November 1 ever

And I really hadn't planned it, but if you unexpectedly find yourself in such a beautiful spot a blog about today practically writes itself.
For my workspace I bought three fine cabinets that I needed to pick up this morning in Capelle aan den IJssel, Nieuwland & Amersfoort. A small trip through the Netherlands and the little lady and Sander cozily rode along with me. It seemed like vacation!
Even more when we decided, after Amersfoort, to have our sandwiches in Spakenburg. I even joked that Sander could finally cross Spakenburg off his bucket list ☺

And I was so content sitting on a bench with an extra portion of fish and a stunning view of the historic harbor! There are still many special spots left in the Netherlands. Nowadays, there are only 30 fishing boats left in the old port. Compared to past times (200 fishing boats) this seems little, yet this is about half of the current Dutch botter fleet. This afternoon they were working on two fishing boats. And the little lady thought it was mighty interesting. There was even one on sale, can you imagine a boot from 1885.

We went shopping on the market and luckily we saw two ladies in beautiful historical costumes. Research shows that these costumes will be out of view in about 10 years.

4 Oct 2014
Tag: Day trips

Woonbeurs 2014

Woonbeurs 2014

Recently I was invited by Pei-ching of Taiwan Lantern to come to the Friends & Family night of the Woonbeurs last night. Soon I will write a blog post about her beautiful lanterns that are made in a factory in Taiwan with such craftsmanship. I have an absolute favorite! Can you guess which one?

There was one house in particular that stood out to me: the home of Willem-Alexander and Maxima according to vtwonen. I walked through it twice, so cute!
So much detail in this house, so beautiful put down at the fair! The gold shoes in the bath, the "oranjebitter" on the table, the wallpaper with the exchange lists, the little bell on the table, Willem's tie, the crown on top of the mirror. Too many wonderful little details to mention. The candlestick with orange ribbon was probably the most fun detail for me.

Is there really a royalist in me ;-) or am I influenced by the little lady of almost 4 years old, who is in the middle of her princess stage?
Last Prinsjesdag the three of us have waved to the royal couple in the Golden Carriage and Queen Maxima actually waved back to our little princess. I had never experienced Prinsjesdag myself and was quite impressed with the whole thing.

2 Oct 2014
Tag: Day trips

Priem in Ghent

Priem in Ghent

Last Saturday I had a day abroad. Not that far across the border, but it just felt like a holiday. Together with Mandy, Barbara and Chantal, I went a day trip to Ghent. Our day started at Julie's House, a great coffee and tea house at the Kraanlei.
Although Chantal and I had already been in the Priem wallpaper store before, this particular store was also on our list today.
Unfortunately we had not taken into account the lunch hour. The sisters and brothers Priem close from 12 to 14 hours.

My bookbinding heart with love for paper starts beating faster at the sight of all those rolls of wallpaper. You get a sense of stepping back in time. You are not allowed to sniff around yourself, the sisters themselves with dust jackets standing on unstable stairs will show you. Lots of ugly wallpaper, even uglier wallpaper and occassionally there is a sudden gem. The stock is still written by hand on these rolls, a real watertight system ;-)
Like I said, it is strictly forbidden to just look around by yourself and just looking at rolls can sometimes be punished. In the collage you can see Chantal pointing to a roll.
But you can definitely see that the sisters and brother have fun in what they do and are proud of their wallpaper.

Once you haven chosen, the paper will be picked up by bike from the warehouse. Oh, how I would like to just wander around in this paper paradise, climbing up on the ladder to view all the rolls by myself. And how does the store look on the inside?
I was able to restrain myself this time and only bought 2 packets of wallpaper glue, their own brand and super stuff!

Afterwards we wandered through lovely Ghent. Along scenic spots, quaint shops and a cool mural.

7 Sep 2014
Tag: Day trips

Little roses...

Little roses...

Two years ago, with two dear friends Chantal and Michelle, I won a special vase from Lenneke Wispelwey. Perhaps you remember this blog post? It was about time I handed over the vase again.
Roos, the daughter of Chantal, celebrated her 1st anniversary yesterday, so that was a great opportunity to pass the vase.

So the fun thing the little lady and I set out to do last Tuesday was arranging…little roses!
On my bike with the expensive vase (quite exciting) and the little lady on the back I drove to my favorite flower shop Fiori.
I have known Petri for more than 12.5 years now and besides that she is a huge sweetheart, she also makes the most beautiful bouquets and floral creations. You will understand that she has created my bridal bouquet.
Her shop is in an old butcher shop and is so cute! With all kinds of corners, high display cases full of the most beautiful vases,
a semicircular door, a garden and an old chapel in the garden. Guusje naturally wanted to check on the mom with the baby (aka the Virgin Mary).

And the little roses?
The 1-year Roosje was helped very well with unwrapping her present by my little lady. And the roses in the vase are really beautiful! Thank you dear Petri ♡

25 Aug 2014
Tag: Day trips

Summer of 2014

Summer of 2014

Back in business with many beautiful holiday memories. We stayed in one of the most beautiful places of France, in the tip of Brittany:
St. Pol de Leon (near Roscoff), and a place where you encounter few Dutch ( sshhttt little secret).
With a little lady who has progressed so much in her development and prefers to always sleep in a tent. We have so many great photos that I would like to share with you. But since this message needs to be short(ish), I have taken out a special day: our wedding.
It is nice to celebrate this day abroad. We always eat pies on August 4. And this time together with our dear British friends, whom we hopefully are going to see soon.

On this day we always plan a nice outing and if there is a circus in town, the choice is easy. It was very exciting for the little lady!
For me too, because for me this was also the first time.
In the bottom left picture you can see the little lady holding on to Sander's shirt while buying the tickets in the morning ♡
I have to say that I have my reservations about animals in the circus. Doing tricks every day, traveling to a different place everyday, that's something that bothers me. And what kept circling in my mind during the performance.
I definitely prefer the trapeze acts.

Currently I'm working on an Hummingbird album for our most precious photos. We discovered a deserted beautiful beach, which immediately became our favorite spot. With a picnic table where we had our breakfasts regularly, did some kite flying and searched for shells and crabs. Once the album is finished I will show it to you! We'll try to keep it on the dining table as long as possible to hold on to these holiday memories.

15 May 2014
Tag: Day trips

Trip down memory lane

Last Saturday I visited the Textile Museum in Tilburg with my mother. From within the museum cafe I made a short film of the many rain drops. A museum that feels so familiar. My mother followed a weaving education in Ghent and our house used to be full of weaving looms. The Textile Museum in Tilburg was therefore a place where I used to come regularly as a little girl. I can still remember the smell, the noise of the machines, weaving looms and yarn bobbins. I was immediately reminded of all those fifteen minutes my father, my sister and I helped my mother at home to set up the looms.
We handed her the warp threads from behind the loom, so she could get the wires through the siphons. Not my favorite job ;-) For my little lady I bought these name letters you can thread a ribbon through and they are woven in the Museum.
The temporary exhibition Body Jewels stood out for me.
Beautiful work by Alet Pilon, swan wings and folded tunic. And I was very impressed by the work Beestenboel of Felieke van der Leest.
I was so fascinated by this fine witty work that I forgot to take pictures. All the more reason to visit her website once more.
She has a background as goldsmith and just by crocheting and knitting she creates a special world.

13 Apr 2014
Tag: Day trips

No pictures please, part 2.

No pictures please, part 2.

Do you remember my little blog post from Spring last year?
Just as last year, the little lady didn't want to pose either this year. After she received the nicest narcissus bulbs from the farmer last Thursday, she was allowed to walk the paths in the fields, what a party! Why bother with posing then ;-).
We bought a big bunch of beautiful tulips, half of which we brought to our dear old neighbor in Leiden "granny Tiny".

The bottom right photo is made on a Thursday, on my free day. Along with my parents we made our first trip through the bulbs fields this year.
I grew up in Breda where you see little of all of this natural beauty. I'm actually very happy that we live near the bulb fields, how lucky we are!

19 Jan 2014
Tag: Day trips

Counting birds

Counting birds

This weekend was bird counting weekend, a nation-wide initiative to count the bird population.
As a visit to my parents in Breda had already been scheduled we decided to combine them. I grew up near the Ulvenhoutse forest.
The forest that once housed a beautiful open spot with a lawn and picnic tables is now sadly neglected.

Guusje thought it was super interesting so we walked quietly across the paths. We heard birds singing everywhere but they were well hidden in the treetops! As we haven't seen any bird, we didn't transmit any count. Maybe next year we have more luck.

Incidentally, you may have noticed that I really love birds. It's the reason all my photo albums are named after a bird on the wall maps hanging in our living room.

24 Dec 2013
Tag: Day trips

Weihnachtsmarkt in Hamburg

Weihnachtsmarkt in Hamburg

Last week we stayed in a small cottage in the middle of a Christmas tree forest in the vicinity of Hamburg, Germany. To meet up with friends from Hamburg, relax in our cottage in the woods and of course to visit the Christmas markets. What a lovely atmosphere in this city!

Now you might know that I love the Advent time, so it was heartwarming for me in this lovely city. The Advent Calendar is part of a tradition that dates back to the 19th century in Germany. Everywhere you looked there were beautiful Christmas pyramids.

And Guusje was over the moon as there was a carousel at almost every Christmas market. And if you just learned how to cycle with training wheels it's mighty interesting to sit on a big bike.

Merry Christmas everyone!

10 Nov 2013
Tag: Day trips

At the Rijksmuseum

At the Rijksmuseum

Wow, we had a lovely visit to the Rijksmuseum last week!
It is so beautifully renovated and what a wonderful atmosphere. Compliments for the guards who are so friendly and calm when faced with a cheerful toddler of almost three years. Guusje was really delighted by all the paintings of the great masters. There is so much recognizable for a toddler, it was really fantastic to see. The large rooms with high ceilings encouraged her to literally dance from room to another. And on entering a new hall she was like: "Oh how beautiful it is in here" and "oooohhh, aahhhhhhh".
We'll definitely come back in time.

3 Nov 2013
Tag: Day trips

Two little birds in a flower shop

Two little birds in a flower shop

A couple of days ago Guusje and I went to Breda, the city where I was born and where my family still lives. There is one shop where I love to come. So Guusje and I headed over to V & V Bloemen en Wonen. Such a beautiful store, such a nice atmosphere,
so beautifully styled!
We bought a lovely bouquet for my mother. And while this bouquet was created we looked around a bit. There are sweet cabinets hanging and standing everywhere, this time displaying reindeers and Saint Nicholases. But Guusje just loved the birds. Me too, I have to confess. I do have a thing with birds. All my photo albums are named after a bird.

If you are visiting Breda, you should definitely put this shop on your list. And especially in the next few weeks, because V & V in Christmas style is a delight to visit.

27 Oct 2013
Tag: Day trips

Pure Markt Amsterdam

Pure Markt Amsterdam

Once in a while we, a nice group of friends originating from a bachelorette party, try to organize a fun getaway.
For this morning's getaway we went on a super fine & stormy trip to the Pure Markt in Park Frankendael in Amsterdam. I had never been there and enjoyed it very much! What a great atmosphere and delicious food booths.
I bought quinces to try mama Susanne's recipe next week
(I know, I know, I do have a jam making addiction ;-)).
And I found some really nice presents for the advent calendar
(a Playmobil Christmas house with accessories).

Prior to the trip I imprinted five notebooks with letter corps Mistral for the five girl friends. For everyone a little surprise during a cup of coffee with a delicious sourdough sandwich!
Thank Sietske, Chantal, Michelle, Tessa, Mandy and little Levi for a fun morning!

29 Sep 2013
Tag: Day trips

An apple a day

An apple a day

Yesterday was national apple picking day and we picked up 5 kg Elstars at fruit farm 't Keetje. What a treat and what a nice autumn day! It was our first time at this place and we will definitely go back next year. You will driven into the apple orchard by a picking train,
a tractor with carriages from apple boxes, and there you will get an explanation from the apple farmer. The shiny apples are the best!
Next Saturday is another apple picking day, so if you do have time ..... definitely a must!

16 Sep 2013
Tag: Day trips

Last glimpse of Summer

Last glimpse of Summer

Yesterday on the beach, we walked in the sun and this week we can expect heavy showers, bbrrrrrr.
This weekend we gathered with (almost) the whole family in Schagen and nothing beats a nice walk on the beach.
There is only one problem, call it an addiction. Since I picked blackberries, I walk around in nature with a certain addiction.
The urge to convert natural fruits into jam is driving Sander crazy. And I got the whole family help me picking. Total score: three kilos of rose hips in the freezer. Nice to know: subject them to a night's frost and the rose hip jam tastes much sweeter.
Now I still need to find time to actually make the rose hip jam.

8 Jun 2013
Tag: Day trips

Summer in Holland

Summer in Holland

This morning the three of us were up early and on our way to Rhoon, a hint from Cora of Studio Neeltje. A few weeks back on Twitter, I asked if someone knew a nice picking garden in the Randstad for a party. Cora hinted me about de Buytenhof in Rhoon.
In the end, we moved to another picking garden on May 25, because Rhoon was hosting a spring festival.

However, I was still very curious, so today along with Sander and Guusje I decided to do an unplanned visit to Rhoon instead of working in the bindery.
And it turned out to be great fun! And what a lovely people are working there! It really is a very nice place to be. It features a picking garden, a vegetable garden, a tea garden with delicious cakes (!), large cows and tough bulls, a stubborn pig with cute piglets, a sweet playground for the children and a country store where we bought apple juice & apple sirup. Our bouquet is here at home on the table showing off in an antique milk jug ♥

By the way, that party on May 25 was the bachelor party of one of my friends who is getting married next week. I was asked to do her marriage certificate booklet and got free hand. How nice is that ;-) Tomorrow I'll bring the marriage certificate booklet over to her. The final result is so special that I might even write a little blog post about it!

22 Apr 2013
Tag: Day trips

No pictures please!

No pictures please!

Monday morning, still dreaming about the nice weekend we just had. Last year we participated in a walking trip of 7 km through the flower bulb fields in the Schagen area, this year we just took a ride along the fields.
And what a beautiful bulb fields, scenting so fabulous. Guusje was a bit impressed and put her glasses on upside down. And no matter what we tried, she refused to look into the camera!
On Saturday I had an appointment with two photographers from Schagen, Sanne Swart and Marjolein Bijpost.
Sanne is also a goldsmith, what a wonderful combination!
And I fell in love with her work, really beautiful! My favorite is the Pink freshwater pearls with yellow gold ring ornament.

This week I will be working on several projects, including a particularly large Goldfinche with deep red leaves, a Phoebe with an embroidered heart and other cute little products for Patriciamaria studio. Overall a great week!

P.S. our winter coats are hanging out to dry on the laundry line ;-)

18 Feb 2013
Tag: Day trips

Beautiful of ugliness

Beautiful of uglinessBeautiful of uglinessBeautiful of uglinessBeautiful of ugliness

It was the Summer of 2012, the long planned and anticipated Ghent day. It was a warm tropical day and we headed over to the wallpaper shop Priem.
It was a perfect day and we decided to participate in the “postcard summer special” by Studio Lenneke Wispelwey. And searched for the postcard “beautiful of ugliness”. “We” in this case means Chantal & Michelle and me.
And huray huray: we actually won one beautiful pineapple vase, for the three of us! It is very special to win such a beautiful gift together with two dear friends.

The original plan was to pick up the vase together, but planning with the three of us is a hell of a job. So in the end I asked Lenneke if she could send me the vase (Chantal was in this plot, Michelle knew nothing). On Valentine's Day Guusje and I headed over to Michelle to bring her the vase. Guusje was very keen to hold AND give this gift, but to get to Michelle's place you have to climb some very high stairs, so it didn't seem a fine plan doing this while Guusje was holding the vase ;-) So after this photo moment Guusje had to hand over the package.

The vase is gorgeous, in time it will go to Chantal (with flowers in it) and then it will be my turn. Can't wait!