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11 Sep 2013
Tag: Boekbinden

Complementing a letter corps

I recently paid a visit to the type foundry in Westzaan. I use lead letters for pressing titles using my foil press.
For a while now I had been missing a number 8 of my 24pt Bodoni (at least I thought it was a Bodoni). Quite a nuisance if you have
to press 08-08-2008 as a wedding date.
So with this particular question in mind, but also with a whole list of other complements, I went off to the type foundry, because this is not something you can just buy in a store.
The foundry houses a number of experienced people, possessing a wealth of experience. They were able to tell me that my Bodoni isn't a Bodoni, but a Rockwell.

The foundry is open every Thursday from 10:00 to 14:00 hours and definitely worth a visit. I always keep my eyes open and see the most beautiful letters, including the Art Deco letter corps (which,
by the way, is on my wish list).
Lead letters are melted and transformed into new letter corpses and ornaments by means of the most wonderful devices (video).

Do you see the cabinet in the picture? Completely filled with ornaments. I allowed myself to expand my collection of ornaments and now I am in possession of Christmas ornaments, an additional heart, decorations for corners and several others. More about that later.

7 Sep 2012
Tag: Boekbinden

De Middelste Molen

Last Saturday I drove to the “Middelste Molen” in Loenen. Although it was quite a distance from Leiderdorp, it was worth driving each kilometer. The “Middelste Molen” has been preserved in its original state. Located near the “Loenense Molenbeek” (a small creek), it has been producing paper, on pure water power and steam power, ever since 1622.
The miller and other volunteers do their utmost best to explain how everything works. Information and stories about the creeks, the waterfalls, the steam engine, the process of paper making, you name it, they can tell.
I have promised myself to return when the mill is actually producing throughout the week.

2 Jul 2012
Tag: Boekbinden

1000en1boeken in Flow Magazine!!

Joohoo, finaly got to see my article in Flow Magazine in real life. On the way back from England we had a stop-over at my parents in Breda. And there it was laying on the table. Proud mother, proud father! Thanks everyone for your friendly mails, posts and comments! That's what I call a nice homecoming.

Now it's time to get back to work. Nice orders to be handled and contemplating about new interesting things coming my way…
Today however I have got a lot to read, a cup of English tea and a shortbread cookie within reach.

Oh and as a closing thought: the bottom left picture is the bookbindery I would love to move to Leiderdorp.