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7 May 2014
Tag: Behind the scenes

Lately on Instagram

In the collage you see a selection of my photos from last month on Instagram. A month in which we fully enjoyed all the flower fields.
A month in which I've worked on really nice assignments. You see the big box in the top center? This one has now been finished and next week I'll write a little blog about it. And it was the first time I had to foil print a name with a U umlaut. How cute is that!

It was also a month with a few bloopers on Instagram, as they happen here too;-) Every now and then I forget to tightly turn the knob of my foil press, and then in the heat of the moment (at 113 degrees Celsius) my lead characters just fall out on the ground.
Or that one time I switched the initials of a couple. Lucky for me,
I always make a sample first!

18 Apr 2014
Tag: Behind the scenes

Easter message for…

... one of my dearest colleagues!
I often get the question whether it is not lonley running 1000en1boeken by myself. Meanwhile my company exists four years already and I can tell you that it is not lonely.
Daily, I am in contact with fun clients, including clients who are getting married and I like it very much to make something for such a special event. I also work for photographers that I am in close contact with. I vist these photographers too and that gives me a lot of inspiration and input. And I have found fine vendors to whom I can always turn to with my often specific questions. And then I have my fellow colleagues in other disciplines that are my sounding board.

Back to my special colleague, Chantal van Duin. Despite the great distance we talk to each other regularly. We can share together the fun and sometimes less pleasant aspects of running a business. And even more!
If all goes well she will receive the package today with this book roll. I bought the book roll last year in the most amazing paper shop in Munich, it is the predecessor of the current book. In this roll I have put a (Easter) message for her and her family. It is so nice that after almost a year it gets a destination!

The crochet lace collar is for Guusje and I ordered it from Thread the love in the UK. I love crafts and therefore I like to order from a fellow craftsman. The photo is made by Amber. Her website is currently "under construction", but make sure to keep an eye out for it! Of course, I was hoping I could put the collar on picture along with Guusje's new Easter dress but at the moment it is still on its way to Leiderdorp. So fingers crossed…
Have a nice Easter weekend!

30 Mar 2014
Tag: Behind the scenes

Birth gift for little Siem

(not translated yet) Een blogberichtje dat vandaag "in the open" mag, want dit fotolijstje is gisteren cadeau gegeven.
Een tijdje terug werd ik benaderd door een klant met de vraag of ik een fotolijstje kon maken in de kleuren jeans met zachtblauw voor een lief baby'tje met de stoere naam Siem.
Ik stuurde een materialenvoorstel en de mogelijkheden qua kleuren folie voor de naam van Siem. Goud, zilver of blauw vond ik het beste er bij passen, maar dan kan het nog steeds erg moeilijk zijn om te kiezen. Dus stelde ik voor om een proefje met deze drie kleuren te maken en dit voorbeeld per foto te mailen. De proefjesfoto zie je in deze collage.

En nu ben je vast wel benieuwd wat voor kleur het uiteindelijk is geworden…op het stukje cadeaupapier wat ik er extra bij heb gemaakt kun je de kleur van de naam zien.

26 Mar 2014
Tag: Behind the scenes


Are you already following me on instagram?
This is a small collection of pictures taken by me over the last few weeks, as a follow up on my good intention to regularly post more behind the scenes pictures.

7 Mar 2014
Tag: Behind the scenes

Wooden spools

This blog post has been floating around for a while now.
I was actually quite upset when I got notified that my haberdashery shop Mol en de Groot in Leiden was closing down February 1 this year. However, with a very good reason: the owner is now retired and nobody stepped in to continu the store.
But still, it was my starting point when I needed something that I did not have in stock myself. Needles, thread for my advent calendar,
a special knot, colored ribbon for a wedding couple.
Seldom were they unable to help me out.

The 2nd floor was a mecca with ribbons and lace, and the third floor I was allowed to visit last January. Early one morning when the shop was not open yet, I was allowed on the third floor to gather all the wooden spools I would like to acquire. Otherwise, they would be brought to the trash dump!
These spools are so beautiful and pretty old. They were not used for many years. I also acquired a large amount of beautiful ribbon, something that really makes me happy.

Every week I take out a few spools and try to get rid of tape and stickers before giving them a thorough cleanse. I have a big bag full of spools at the moment. And they certainly will get a nice spot in my studio.Thank you very much dear people of Mol en de Groot. For all you wonderful advice over the years.I will cherish these wooden spools ♥

14 Jan 2014
Tag: Behind the scenes


I would like to blog more about 'Behind the scenes' in the bindery, but I often don't have time for this because I am simply too busy.
Or I just don't think about it.

During my breaks I like to browse Instagram. For 2014, my good intention is to take more snapshots with my phone during my work. So if you want to see more about what is happening behind the scenes, follow me on Instagram.
Don't expect greatly styled and beautifully exposed images because my glue dries too hard for that ;-)

P.S. I only post these snapshots on Instagram.

14 Mar 2013
Tag: Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Last Saturday I had to deal with four volumes of magazines.
First, I removed a lot of staples with a knife. Next step was to make holes with the piercer so the magazines could be sewn on sewing tape. By the way, that strange little cube in the upper right is bee wax that is used to wax the thread.
To me, it is always nice to just sit quietly behind the sewing bench and sew a few volumes magazines, it's a nice interchange of work!
When I reached this magazine featuring this cute little boy with a shell it was time for a break.

My dear friend Rabia of had brought a surprise package the evening before I went to Groningen.
Sander & Guusje were kind enough to leave 2 macarons for me ;-)! So during my break this weekend I had a real yummy moment!
I ♥ lavender macarons

5 Mar 2013
Tag: Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Four steps in the making of a marriage certificate book. As you can see such a book can not be manufactured in one day. In the course of a few days, small steps are taken and drying is an important step in the bookbinding process. Sometimes it needs to dry in a press under high pressure, sometime “just” drying under some weight is all what is needed. For drying under some weight I use old weights and ironing devices. This one with a heart is my favorite! The top two pictures show how I set aside a marriage certificate book under some weight. Using a technique called embossed printing, the wedding date is “printed” in the leather with 120℃ (the font you see is Bodoni 24pt). In the small press a hand-bound book is left to dry between two boards.