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21 Feb 2014
Tag: 1000en1boeken

The price of handwork

I frequently get emails asking about prices of my boxes.
People sometimes think that they can order a handmade box with a budget of 30 euros.
Let's make some calculations with those 30 euros:
For starters the IRS wants to have 21% of this amount, so that would leave me 24.79 euros to make a complete box. Next we need to account for the cost of all the materials: gray board, glue, linen and paper. Oh my, at that point I would have to make a box virtually for free. I do like to give away presents, but I do not think my company would be able to sustain this in the long run.
Do not get me wrong, I like to get emails with questions about my products. I can also imagine that people find it difficult to assess what is involved in making a box. That is why I want to share this background with you.
In addition, I have chosen to build up a box in a very special manner. This method is laborious, but that gets you (in my opinion) a much nicer and more solid box. And that cannot be done for the prices the big chain stores can offer who are able to order large quantities in low-wage countries.

So, what real is is that my boxes are:

  • manufactured with traditional methods.
  • lined with beautiful (vintage) high quality materials.
  • strong, very strong!!
  • customised to your colors and requirements.
  • built with a special wing construction (for extra high strength) and all joints are even more lined with thin cardboard.
  • extensively sanded before they are lined.
  • lined from one big piece of material, so no seams are visible making the box even more stronger.
  • dried under pressure after each stage in production.

That is why prices start at 80 euro depending on the type of box, the size of the box and the requested materials.
I think you will understand that my boxes are not made in just one day, but are made to last a lifetime.

In the picture above you can see one of my boxes in progress, drying under pressure. It is the lower box of a set stackable boxes. In this lower box I have created 3 compartments. The outside is comprised of 5 layers of card board each of different thickness. So you can see it takes a lot of calculation to deliver a perfectly fitting box with a perfectly fitting lid.

The above reasoning is also applicable to my photo albums.