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18 Feb 2013
Tag: Day trips

Beautiful of ugliness

Beautiful of uglinessBeautiful of uglinessBeautiful of uglinessBeautiful of ugliness

It was the Summer of 2012, the long planned and anticipated Ghent day. It was a warm tropical day and we headed over to the wallpaper shop Priem.
It was a perfect day and we decided to participate in the “postcard summer special” by Studio Lenneke Wispelwey. And searched for the postcard “beautiful of ugliness”. “We” in this case means Chantal & Michelle and me.
And huray huray: we actually won one beautiful pineapple vase, for the three of us! It is very special to win such a beautiful gift together with two dear friends.

The original plan was to pick up the vase together, but planning with the three of us is a hell of a job. So in the end I asked Lenneke if she could send me the vase (Chantal was in this plot, Michelle knew nothing). On Valentine's Day Guusje and I headed over to Michelle to bring her the vase. Guusje was very keen to hold AND give this gift, but to get to Michelle's place you have to climb some very high stairs, so it didn't seem a fine plan doing this while Guusje was holding the vase ;-) So after this photo moment Guusje had to hand over the package.

The vase is gorgeous, in time it will go to Chantal (with flowers in it) and then it will be my turn. Can't wait!