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2 Sep 2014
Tag: Around the house

Spontaneous enjoyment

Spontaneous enjoyment

The little lady and I had to arrange something very funny and special this late afternoon in Leiden. After we were done the weather was so nice we decided to have a drink in a special place in the center.
The courtyard of the public library is a magical place, and especially when there is hardly anyone there. Before the little lady was born Sander and I used to go to the market on Saturday and we usually ended up in the courtyard with magazine, a drink and a cake.
Due to being busy (and out of Leiden) we don't do this so often anymore, so such a spontaneous moment feels extra fine.
We ordered a lemonade and mint tea and the lady was even more spoiled by the nice girl from Coffee Star.

And I also got a great compliment:
G: Mama you are the VERY GOODEST of the whole world, of the shoes !!
(I tightened her Birckenstocks by one hole ;-))
Monday I will try to blog about what we had to arrange today.