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2 Oct 2014
Tag: Day trips

Priem in Ghent

Last Saturday I had a day abroad. Not that far across the border, but it just felt like a holiday. Together with Mandy, Barbara and Chantal, I went a day trip to Ghent. Our day started at Julie's House, a great coffee and tea house at the Kraanlei.
Although Chantal and I had already been in the Priem wallpaper store before, this particular store was also on our list today.
Unfortunately we had not taken into account the lunch hour. The sisters and brothers Priem close from 12 to 14 hours.

My bookbinding heart with love for paper starts beating faster at the sight of all those rolls of wallpaper. You get a sense of stepping back in time. You are not allowed to sniff around yourself, the sisters themselves with dust jackets standing on unstable stairs will show you. Lots of ugly wallpaper, even uglier wallpaper and occassionally there is a sudden gem. The stock is still written by hand on these rolls, a real watertight system ;-)
Like I said, it is strictly forbidden to just look around by yourself and just looking at rolls can sometimes be punished. In the collage you can see Chantal pointing to a roll.
But you can definitely see that the sisters and brother have fun in what they do and are proud of their wallpaper.

Once you haven chosen, the paper will be picked up by bike from the warehouse. Oh, how I would like to just wander around in this paper paradise, climbing up on the ladder to view all the rolls by myself. And how does the store look on the inside?
I was able to restrain myself this time and only bought 2 packets of wallpaper glue, their own brand and super stuff!

Afterwards we wandered through lovely Ghent. Along scenic spots, quaint shops and a cool mural.