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7 Jul 2015
Tag: Products

Matching wedding items

For Ellen & Hans I made a marriage certificate booklet with a special accent. In their booklet I processed leather into the infinity sign used in their wedding invitation. It's so nice to create a booklet matching such a beautifully designed wedding invitation! Ellen en Hans 1 Ellen en Hans 2 I used gray vintage linen and soft gray paper for the inside. Ellen & Hans' wedding municipality cooperated very well by sending me an empty marriage certificate. This way I can make certain the certificate fits precisely inside the booklet. Upon completion I did send the empty booklet back to the wedding municipality, right on time for their wedding. Ellen en Hans 3 Ellen en Hans 4 We agreed upon a suitable letter corps (Aigrette) matching the text of the wedding invitation and I pressed the right text in the traditional way at a temperature of 112 degrees Celsius with yellow film on the cover. Ellen en Hans 5 Ellen en Hans 6 And the wedding location really is ♡
Last September I visited campsite Lievelinge for the first time, during the Snorfestival (Mustache Festival). I wrote a blog post about it.
Such a special and happy place! It must have been an amazing wedding!
This year, on 20 September, a second edition of the Snorfestival will take place. It's a buzz inside our group of friends and plans are being shaped. Wondering whether this year Sander will enter into the carousel once more ;-)