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4 Sep 2015
Tag: Boleslawiec

Boleslawiec part 1

We had not planned to go away this summer, but then I discovered that there is an annual pottery festival in Boleslawiec Poland.
And it started to itch.
For about 16 years I use handmade tableware every day.
I bought it in the Netherlands and the USA, Sander and I had it on our wedding list at Betjeman & Barton, I found antiques pieces at flea markets and thrift shops and a dear friend coming from Hamburg also got me a few things.
The result is a beautiful collection Bunzlau crockery in a large cabinet. Well, frankly, in two cabinets ;-)
I also own a large collection of vases. Boleslawiec part 1 It is so exciting to go to a country where you've never been before! And how pleasantly were we surprised ♡ Southern Poland is so gorgeous, the people are so nice and oh, did we enjoy the Pottery Festival!
In my series of three blog posts I will not really go into all the addresses, because these can be found on the Internet.
I want to focus on the craft. That is what makes this tableware so special to me! Boleslawiec part 1 I casually made this picture at one of the many roundabouts with crockery. We made many extra laps just to enjoy all this special.

We started our discovery on the market Boleslawiec. I was told that there are only two factories supplying the Netherlands, but there are many more factories. Not only is the crockery delivered to the Netherlands, but also to the United States and to South Korea.
It is so nice to see a delegation from all the factories on the market. And you can clearly see the difference between different factories. You see it in the patterns, the style, the color, the shape of the convex cups, but you can also feel the difference in quality.
Of course, we came here with a few things on our wishlist.
Because we use the tableware daily some of it gets broken on the tile floor in the kitchen, sometimes a little chip is knocked of.
So this was a unique opportunity to refill the cupboard with pieces that normally would not come on the market in the Netherlands. Boleslawiec part 1 Boleslawiec part 1 A characteristic of these dishes are the patterns imprinted on them with laser-cut sponges. During the festival you could get yourself painted by various lovely ladies who in daily life work in the factories painting the tableware. What a craftmanship! Boleslawiec part 1 In the end we left the market with three painted arms and two painted cheeks. That second cheek was Sander's ;-) Boleslawiec part 1 That first day was so good that if at that time we had to go home, we were all very satisfied.
Fortunately, we were allowed three more days.
Next Friday part two on my blog about a fantastic tour inside one of the factories.

Below you can see a little sneak peak, which I made at another factory. This factory mainly supplies the US and we bought three special dinner plates.
The painting of this scale can easily takes up to 75 minutes to complete. In the oven, the lila will turn into the familiar dark blue. Boleslawiec part 1