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4 Nov 2015
Tag: Products

My new collection in the Wit Wedding

And a new webshop! nieuwe collectie in Wit Wedding I'm as proud as a peacock because today my new collection is featured in the online magazine of Wit Wedding.
And of course I came up with this new series in the busiest wedding period of the year :-)
Blood, sweat & tears……but above all the tears of joy.
I'm privileged to be able to consult and work with five dear colleagues / friends:

  • Photographer Yvette Moeskops who managed to get everything magnificently on picture.
  • Goldsmiths Sanne Bogers-Otten & Heleen Hoogenboom for lending me the most extraordinary artisan wedding rings.
  • Graphic designer Michelle Wiegman for designing the new symbols in my letter cabinet and the new logo of my shop.
  • And Rina Labbé from rinarts.nl, who gave me the final push to open a shop and helped us enormously by serving as a helpdesk.

nieuwe collectie in Wit Wedding (2) The idea for my new collection arose after I saw the natural linen ribbon with gold stripe on the website of Angela Liguori.
I love working with ribbon and fell in love with her products.
How nice would her ribbon be in combination with my natural linen and sand colored vintage linen ♡
Angela's ribbon became the starting point for my new collection which is for sale only in my new shop (in the upcoming days more products will be listed in different colors!). nieuwe collectie in Wit Wedding (3) And those ♡ ♡ ♡ in this picture? They are unique! They are specially designed for 1000en1boeken by Michelle Wiegman. A wish of many years came true with this expansion of my symbols!

Together with Yvette Moeskops I portrayed the new collection. It was important to bring the craftsmanship more into focus. Customers coming in here are often surprised that everything is really made by hand.
I do have several machines in here, but nothing comes out by itself. This means that I can tailor everything. And that's the reason (custom made) craft has a price. I have to put in many hours in making a product and therefor I only work with high quality materials. nieuwe collectie in Wit Wedding (4) This week I will also implement a link in the menu bar pointing to an overview of my new studio.
Here's a sneak peak of me at work. Dear Yvette, thanks for your patience! I also prefer to stand behind the camera, not in front ;-)

The ring box is completely handmade and it takes time and several steps. In this photo you can see the completion of step 3 of the ring box. And after step 3, there are several steps to follow including drying times under weight… nieuwe collectie in Wit Wedding (5) But once the ring box is finished you will have a unique piece of art. A box in which you can save something small too (the special ring pillow can be taken out after the wedding day).
It's a box for life. nieuwe collectie in Wit Wedding (6) This ring “the threads of life” was created by goldsmiths Sanne Bogers & Heleen Hoogenboom. Sanne & Heleen will be present from 5 - 8 November with their truly magnificent work on the International Jewelry Art Fair in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.
I was asked to make the inner arrangement of the glass cabinets of their booth and several of my new ring boxes will be on display there and for sale. nieuwe collectie in Wit Wedding (7) Besides the ring boxes I will also have concertinas with ribbon and Sparrow photo albums for sale in my webshop, they will be featured in a future blog post.