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21 Jun 2016
Tag: Craftmanship

Craftmanship x 5

Does it sound familiar, you're so attuned to some people you only need a single word to express yourself?
In this photoshoot the work of five artisans comes together,
all working in the Dutch wedding business, all outstanding in their field and with so much love for their profession and their final work.
Today I will show you part 1. Craftmanship x 5 (1) Wedding rings: Hoogenboom & Bogers
Wedding cards: Letterpers
Pictures: Yvette Moeskops
Ring box: 1000and1weddings

Yvette and I have been working together for several years and we have made this series of photographs.
If you are looking for a wedding photographer (with videographer) make sure you talk to her. She is a winner in terms of lighting, styling and great to work with! Her wedding photography is truly stunning. In the picture above you can see one of her wedding couples and of course she also made these pictures. Ambacht x 5 (2) The wedding rings are created by Sanne & Heleen van Hoogenboom & Bogers goldsmiths, a treat to visit their studio and see their work. They make everything themselves and also work with Fairtrade gold.
The wedding rings in the picture were subjected to hammered processing.
They can also be made with a gemstone, such as a diamond. And of course in a different size or width.
Magic, what they can do with gold!
For me, they have created something very special, but more about that later! Ambacht x 5 (3) I often ask couples to send me their wedding invitation, so I can picture it with my material proposal. It's so nice then to recognize the work of Tiny from Letterpers. Regularly I have a card from her hand on my table and then I can really enjoy it.
Tiny is the one who has revived the Letter Press Technology in the Netherlands. It is an ancient craft, which luckily is fully used again and only becomes more special with modern techniques.
Her designs are powerful, her choice of paper, her technique…it just is so right.
If you are near Amersfoort, take a look in her studio. There is so much to see, really beautiful! Ambacht x 5 (4) And the ring box…that's my work :-)
The ring box was set up by hand, lined with natural linen and the ribbon is from NY.
The bow ribbon is ingeniously integrated into the lid. In the box is a special ring pillow to keep the rings upright. And on the tag I can print your initials, your wedding date and / or a heart.
I do make everything by hand so I can get all the materials match your colors / wedding card / mood board of the wedding. Ambacht x 5 (5) Keep an eye on my blog as there is more to come!