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7 Jun 2020
Tag: Around the house


Hertje In my IG stories you saw a lot of nature lately, because you could find us there every day. I had to teach our little lady at home,
a very special experience! Especially because I have been a teacher for 15 years.
I worked in the bindery every afternoon and finally had time to clean up, the bindery has never looked so neat!
Also, I worked on new products, I have a very nice new color of linen and together with photographer Yvette Moeskops I made nice plans to photograph all this.

We communicated a lot with family & friends via video apps. We stayed at home as much as possible and took a walk in the area every day, 7 days a week. Now we are very lucky that we live in Noordwijk. We already went out every weekend, but now the three of us have discovered much more dune. Plattegrond We bought a map, which allows us to orient ourselves even better in the dunes. We discovered the best climbing trees, the highest dune top, a Harry Potter forest, two frog pools & saw special butterflies & bastard caterpillars. Op duin Met verrekijker We also have seen over hundreds of deer. Those are magical moments.

Hopefully we can return to normal life soon, because the 1.5 meter society is not the new normal. We hope that we can continue our daily walks forever ♡

Carefully I am picking up shipping abroad again.
As you can see in the announcement on my homepage, international shipments can take a long time. Hopefully more and more planes will take off in the near future!