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30 Jun 2022
Tag: Products

Wedding in Peru

In these past many years I got to make my products for many weddings around the world, but Peru was not on that list yet. The fact that my work travels all around the world, makes my work so fun & special to be doing. Peru 1 Peru 2 Sara & Jean Carlo came to me via my Etsy shop. They were looking for a wedding folder with pink linen. When I saw their wedding photos afterwards, it made perfectly sense to me to why they had chosen this color. Peru 3 Starting point was this wedding folder, but they expanded their order to 2 vow booklets A6, also in pink and foil pressed with letter corps Aigrette 24pt using gold foil. Peru 4 Peru 5 Because I run a webshop, I never know for whom I'm making my products. With many I have a good and fun contact, but I never know who is behind the mail contact. So it really feels like a present to receive a picture and/or photo shoot in my mailbox. My heart really skips a beat then. Peru 6 Peru 7 It is lovely to see both vow booklets in action, just the way I intended them to be used when I designed them. A small format, fits comfortably in the hand, the ribbon makes it extra festive and you can decide for yourself whether 1 folded A5 is enough or whether you add extra sheets yourself. Peru 8Peru 9 Sara & Jean Carlo, congratulations on your wedding!! What an honor to be able to see your wedding shoot and that I was allowed to select photos myself to show here.
I would like to conclude with 2 photos of your party evening. A fairytale evening with horses and a dancer. Peru 10 Peru 11 Photocredits for this beautiful wedding shoot: photographer Gustavo Rodas from Rodas Estudio Fotografico